Consulting Engineers


 HBB designs is a Consulting Engineering company which holds themselves to the highest standard of professionalism. 

Our success originates from the sustainable relationships we have developed with clients: by providing sound and economically efficient designs and solutions, building customer relationships and recognizing customer inputs,

with 100% commitment on projects until completion. 

With a variety of projects behind us, HBB Designs has extensive knowledge and experience in a diverse range of engineering projects including – residential, commercial and Industrial – for both public and private sectors.  

About Us


HBB Designs is a fully affirmative empowered, structural and civil engineering company dedicated to delivering quality professional services and in-depth project analysis and design with years of expertise. It was founded by Mr Peter Halford who has a strong technical background and regulatory laws, legislation and codes of practice.

Technical Capability and Services

HBB consists of an integrated group of trained Engineers, Technologists, Technicians and Project Managers offering appropriate, cost-effective solutions with high-quality service. Our unique experience in design, implementation and project management allows for projects to be completed in an all inclusive way.

Extensive Experience

HBB Designs has extensive knowledge and experience in a diverse range of engineering projects – including residential, commercial & Industrial – both for public and private sectors.  Combined with authenticity, integrity and professionalism, HBB Designs offers an unparalleled commitment for providing the best guidance and management. 

We live by a Moto: “Impossible is the Beginning”.  


Principles and Core Values

Additional Information

The principles of the company have, inter alia, are focused developed around techniques and practices widely used and proven in Southern Africa. We have an exceptional track record in project management (i.e. planning, design, implementation, maintenance and operation).

To fulfill our vision, we have three strategic and management objectives:

1. Clients – To provide a proficient service which meets the client's requirements by developing partnerships with private and public sector.

2. Design – To generate, assess and create developments with adequate safety and serviceability with the sole purpose of attaining clients' objectives and users' needs while value engineering each project. 

3.  Environment – To adopt sustainable-related objectives taking into consideration efficiency and economics. As far as possible reducing the environmental impact of construction and the strict adherence to the regulations of relevant authorities. 

Mission statement:

To build positive, long-term relationships, inclusive, and collaborative work environment with our customers, joint venture partners and subcontractors .

Core Values

  • People 
  • Dependability 
  • Reliability 
  • Consistency 
  • Open-mindedness 
  • Customer Focus 
  • Quality 
  • Efficiency 
  • Accuracy